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Choosing Children's Toys According to Age

Choosing children's toys according to age is important to do. Because not only fill playing time, toys given to children can be used as a means to hone children's creativity, skills, and learning media. Various kinds of children's toys that are sold in toy stores often make you confused in choosing. Instead of just being stunned by the form of toys sold, it is better to choose children's toys according to their age to be useful to improve their moods, while helping them learn, and support the growth and development of the Little One. Baby Toys Up to 1 Year Old For babies up to one year of age, children's toys are used as a means of exploration to activate the five senses. Most children's toys at this age include triggering babies to bite, reach or drop objects. Choosing children's toys for babies up to the age of 1 year recommended, including: Toys that make a song or sound attract attention that can be hung over a baby bed. This is useful to stimula
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How to deal with epilepsy in children

As a parent when facing epilepsy in children, worry certainly does not stop covering your mind. Especially when you have to see convulsions. Even if it's hard, you have to stay calm and deal with epilepsy in children the right way. Epilepsy is a disorder of the central nervous system or nerve cell activity in the brain. Children who suffer from epilepsy will show symptoms such as seizures, and sometimes also lose self-awareness, when an attack occurs. If left untreated, this condition can affect his development and learning abilities. So, how to deal with epilepsy in children? Here are the tips: Prepare Medication Needs Medication for epilepsy is not intended to cure but to control the symptoms caused by this disease. Therefore, always prepare medicines that are needed by your child. There are many types of drugs available to treat epilepsy in children. These medicines include: Phenytoin Carbamazepine Valproate Valproic acid Ethosuximide Topiramate Gabapentin Oxcarb

Not a Little Benefits of Catfish

Catfish is one of the most popular side dishes. Let's find out the benefits of catfish in terms of nutritional content, as well as the right portion for health. One of the most widely known catfish recipes in Indonesia, catfish pecel. In this dish, catfish are fried or baked and then equipped with vegetables and chili sauce. Nutrient content Catfish or known as catfish is a type of fish that is widely farmed for consumption purposes in Indonesia. This fish is said to have a lot of nutritional benefits that are beneficial to body health. Every 100 grams of catfish contains: Energy of 145 calories. 15.45 gram protein. 9.09 grams of fat. Sodium 65 milligrams. Cholesterol 82 milligrams. Saturated fatty acids 2730 grams. In addition, catfish is considered as one of the freshwater fish with nutritional content that is not less than seafood, such as shrimp, canned tuna, salmon, and pollock. Catfish also contain lower mercury. Consumption of Catfish In general, fish is a

Beware of Sungsang Baby Complications During Childbirth

The position of breech babies before birth can add to the worry before delivery, because the location of the baby's head that should have been near the birth canal, is still above. The following is a further explanation of the risk of complications of breech babies, both for normal childbirth or cesarean section. Breech baby position is common when pregnancy enters the third trimester. Generally pregnant women will feel uncomfortable under the rib cage, often shortness of breath and feel pain right in the bladder due to the baby's kick. If this is the first pregnancy, then at 36 weeks, the baby in the womb is likely to return to normal position. Only about 3% of breech babies survive until delivery. Although it is not known with certainty the reasons for breech babies until delivery, there are several factors that increase the risk of the condition. These include a history of preterm labor, twins or more pregnancies, too little or too much amniotic fluid, abnormal uterine

Vaginal Disease Caused by Infection

Vaginal disease caused by infection is not uncommon in women. Apart from bacteria, this condition can be caused by fungi and viruses. By knowing the cause, vaginal infections can generally be handled properly. Vaginal disease is an abnormal condition that affects the vagina, both partially and completely. Under normal conditions, the vagina secretes clear or slightly cloudy fluid. The liquid works to clean the vagina so as not to cause itching or odor. But when exposed to infection, the vagina will discharge abnormal vaginal discharge that is yellowish white, greenish, or even brown and contains blood spots. This condition can be accompanied by unpleasant odors, itching, to pain. Vaginal Infections The symptoms above indicate inflammation in the vagina that can be caused by infection. The following are bacteria, fungi or parasites that can cause vaginal infections: Bacterial vaginosis Bacterial vaginosis occurs when normal bacteria that live in the vagina become more than

Conditions experienced when a concussion

Concussion is the mildest type of brain injury compared to other types of brain injuries. However, do not ignore this condition. Especially in the case of concussions affecting children, because they have not been able to communicate well. Concussions can occur as a result of a violent impact on the head, for example due to falls, traffic accidents, or while exercising. If you experience a head injury like that, it is advisable to go to a clinic or hospital. Types of concussions Concussions are divided into several types based on severity, namely mild, moderate, and severe. Here's an overview of the types of concussions: Mild concussion Symptoms last less than fifteen minutes and sufferers do not experience loss of consciousness. Moderate concussion Symptoms can last more than fifteen minutes and sufferers also do not experience loss of consciousness. Severe concussion Characterized by loss of consciousness, even just for a few seconds. In addition, a severe

Affected by a bee sting not freaking out

The bee stings are often annoying because the pain can be felt for several hours. But you don't need to worry, because bee stings can be treated independently at home. Usually, bee stings do not require medical treatment. After a few hours, the pain will improve on its own, unless there is an allergic reaction or repeated stings that need medical treatment. First Aid If Stung By Bees Bee stings need to be treated immediately with first aid. The following can be steps that can be done: Remove the sting immediately When stung, the bee usually leaves its sting stuck. Even though it hurts, you should immediately push out the sting by using objects that have a flat, hard surface, such as an ATM card. Avoid pressing or pinning the sting, because it will make the poison from inside the sting spread to Wash the sting marks Wash thoroughly the sting by using running water. Compress with cold water After the sting is successfully removed, place the ice cubes in a smal